A book to remember

A book to  remember

I just can’t stop telling you people that I love love love train travelling in india. Now here is the Mumbai local train where a real struggle is to get inside the local train. I am talking about travelling by railway which runs between the states of india.

Train journey calls for a lot of fun,be it alone or with family. That hawker’s style of calling out chai, beautiful landscape outside window, food at different stations, sound of people chatting and laughing , some people playing games, some are singing, some are just sleeping. There are many things to talk about. also,when you have a long train journey, you can’t be just mute sitting right next to other,  A small talk does no harm and you never know, your acquaintance might become a friend for life.By the end of the journey, you are left with memories and good times worth remembering and cherishing for a lifetime.

I had a similar experience while travelling to Udaipur from jaipur. Inside the train, I saw a man from foreign country reading my favourite book. I couldn’t stop myself telling him that this is an amazing book, I have read it. I love reading too. Unfortunately, I could not carry a book with me on my journey. I recommended him another book by the same author and that’s how our conversation began,

He: Thanks for the recommendation. I will read that too.  Do you also like reading?

Me: yes i love reading, i have a huge collection of books at home.

He: What kind of books do you read?

Me: I like to read those books which i can relate with my day to day life and adds value to my life. Books that are based on real life incidents are my favourite ones. At the end of reading a book, I look for positive things that I can learn from that book.

He: This is impressive!

Me: Thanks ! 

He: Can you tell me the name of such a book?

Me: oh yes! There is a book by indian author Sudha murthy , “ wise and otherwise” it covers short stories based on experiences of her life in indian society. This book shows different shades of life. Some incidents are funny, some can leave you upset. It’s a good book. I wish i had this book with me right now, i would have given it to you.

( immediately after hearing this)

He opened his bag and took out one book by an Australian author. 

He said, i am from Australia and this is my favourite book, please take it.

I asked him, have you already read it? Take it means you want me to keep it?

He said yes, and i asked him to sign on the book that he wanted to give me 

Then, he began to pack his stuff and said it was nice meeting you. Take care buddy! He got down at a station leaving me speechless

I was not expecting such a kind gesture from him. But this incident is memorable for a lifetime.

From that day I decided to keep one book with me and I will give it to someone who is a book lover like me. The same way he did it to me.

Book as a gift from him made me feel like someone was giving me a card, which conveys sentiments without uttering a word. I don’t know whether i will meet him or talk to him again , through this story i want to convey thank you to him and tell him that he is a great person, world needs more people like him. 

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