Its complicated!

This small incident makes much more sense to me now and not five years back when it happened. Thus I have an urge to share it. This happened in the coaching centre where I used to work as a chemistry teacher. Students who attended my class were teenegers.  Was I a good teacher? I really don’t know, but I was very confident that I was a good observer, I could understand the gesture and sometimes their behaviour could tell me whether they find the class boring or loving it. So, I used to share motivational stories to engage them. 

One boy in my class called Arnav used to love those stories and often after the class used to wait to talk to me and know more about it and understand what value that story has to incorporate in our life. 

One day As the class dismissed I saw Arnav sitting at the last bench, he was so lost in his phone, he didn’t even notice that everybody had already left. 

So I went close to him and asked, what’s the matter?

Arnav gave me a blank stare, although he did not say anything, his eyes said it all.

I am not only his teacher but a friend and guide too.. He shares his happiness and sadness with me. I cannot forget his cheerful face when he won a football match at the same time I can not forget how he was disheartened when his best friend left the college

I looked at his phone, there was a picture of a girl

Me: Hey, who is this girl? She’s cute.

Arnav: Her name is Riya.

He went on telling me how he knew her.

It is a trend in our college that seniors organise freshers parties for juniors where I saw Riya for the first time.I immediately fell for her and on valentine’s day proposed to her but she refused. We were great friends and then went on our ways. After several months I saw her on tinder today and I am not able to take my eyes off her. She still made me feel the same way I felt for her at a freshers party.

Arnav just swiped RIGHT and then left the class..

After five years my heart broke. The boy whom i used to love, wanted to get  married to some other girl and i had no option other than accepting reality. That day this incident came back in my mind and i thought to myself, in spite of me being the nicest person for my lover he chose someone else over me. Arnav is a sweet and genuine boy who would think ten times before doing anything wrong but still riya didn’t want to choose him, still he swiped right with one hope.

And I dealt the situation with the same hope. 

 So, accept the situation and move on with positivity.

Like Arnav and i did, 

Dont force

Dont argue 

just ACCEPT.

I remember one quote ,

“ you could be ripest, juiciest peach but there are some people who are going to hate peaches”


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