Journey from church to temple



It was wednesday evening. I finished my novena prayer and stepped out of the church. After having a long day I decided to take a cab from Mahim to Dadar( places in mumbai). so, I asked one of the cab driver to drop. He asked me to get in and than an  interesting conversation began, the conversation took place in hindi. i have translated it in english too in the bracket

He: aap Christian ho?

(are you christian)

Me: Nahi me hindu hu

(No, I am Hindu)

He: to aap church jati ho?

(still you go to church)

Me: ji bilkul..


He: mera ek dost hai wo Christian ban gaya usne Christian ladki se shadi ki hai. Madam aap bhi convert hone wale ho?

(one of my friend converted his religion to christianity after marrying christian girl. are you planning to convert too)

Me: Nahi nahi…aisa nahi hai.. After 2 min silence

(no, nothing like that)

He: aap dadar me kaha utaroge

(where would you get down in Dadar)

Me: gol mandir k paas

(near temple)

We were about to reach.

He:  apko bura na lage to ek baat bolu muje aisa laga ki aap koi chinta me ho.. aap se puch to nai sakta ki aap ko kya tension hai par agar aap kisise share karoge to man jaroor halka ho jayega. me meri biwi se saari baat share karta hu man halka ho jata hai. 

(please dont mind! I strongly feel that you are worried about something. i would not ask the reason but so share your feelings with someone, you will feel lighter. like, i share everything with my wife.

Me: I smiled and gave him taxi fare which was 53₹ but he took only 50

I again said thank you with sigh of relief that good humans do exist, who can feel the pain through gesture and wants peace and happiness for other humans too.

I immediately ran home and hugged my mother and felt gratitude for wonderful life i had, which i felt is pointless before talking to that taxi driver. I was struggling through break up and in that phase i totally forgot how to smile. I forgot that i have my family who will care for me in every situation. 

Moral of the story:

Prayers do work , but in unconventional way. 

we just have to be aware in every moment and see what its trying to teach us.

I don’t know the Jesus Christ of The Church blessed me or the Lord Rama of a temple blessed me.


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